Free Class for International Day of Dance

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Boost your mood and add excitement to your everyday schedule by joining a lively burlesque class! In honor of the International Day of Dance, myBurlesque is hosting a complimentary workshop for you and your friends. Prepare to showcase your confidence, channel your inner diva, and simply enjoy the experience! Limited spaces book on now to avoid disapointment. 

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Once the beginner's course is Complete

TWe run in 4 week blocks.  Pick which day suits you and book on that day for that cousre. Due to the extreme popularity of these courses you can not swap days mid course, (although exceptions may be possible due to cancellations from some of the ladies). Each months a new course starts and a new rotuine begins so that everyone is in the same boat. In most parts a new course starts at the beginning of the month on the 1st Monday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Monday's 7-8pm and 8-9pm

Wednesday 8.30- 9.30pm

Thursday 8-9pm

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do I need prior dance experience to join a burlesque class?

Not at all! Burlesque classes are designed for all levels, including beginners. MiMiwill guide you through the steps and techniques, regardless of your dance background.


2. What should I wear to the class?
Most ladies that come for their first class wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement, such as leggings and a fitted top. However some people love the idea of getting dressed up and come to class each week in frilly knickers and fishnets. Come comfy or come fabulous. The last week of the course we encourage everyone to dress up and bring heels.


3. Will I need to show a lot of skin or wear revealing costumes?
No, you won't need to wear revealing costumes unless you want to. Burlesque classes focus on the movements, expressions, and confidence-building aspects of the art. Dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident.


4. What age groups typically attend burlesque classes?
Classes are often open to adults 18+. Ay myBurlesque we have all ages, you are never too old! 


5. Is there a specific body type required for burlesque?
Burlesque embraces diversity and body positivity. There is no specific body type required – everyone is welcome, and the classes are about celebrating your uniqueness. If you've got it..... shake it.


6. What if I'm shy or feel self-conscious?

Many people feel a bit nervous before their first class, which is completely normal. The supportive environment and focus on self-expression often help participants overcome shyness and build confidence. MiMi works extra hard to make sure that the class is welcoming 


"MiMi is a brilliant human being! Inspiring, pushing & accepting us all for

who we are. Choreographing some of the most amazing dances &

making us all feel like we’re capable of so much! Ensuring we all feel happy

with what we’re doing, listening to us every time we have a concern

or query, putting up with my annoying tendencies to question

everything ??. She make me feel like I could concur the world in

a thong & a pair of nipple tassels! MiMi teaches us all, that we are

perfect just the way we are & to carry on with exactly what

we’re doing. "   Steph Aug 2023



7. Can I attend just one class or should I commit to a series?
At myBurlesque we make you commit to 4 weeks. Then if you want to book on next months course you can. Commitment is needed as we all have busy lives, job, kids etc and the good thing about attending our classes is that you are doing something just for YOU! If you have paid upfront then you are more than likely to commit. We often run one off specials should you wish to join in with one of our Masterclasses


8. Do I need to bring anything else?
Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated and a positive attitude ready for a fun experience. Some months you might need props or accessories, you will told of this in advance.


In your first burlesque class, you can expect a supportive and inclusive environment that encourages self-expression and body positivity. You'll start with a warm-up to get your body ready for movement. The class may cover basic techniques of burlesque dance, including posture, walks, and poses.

MiMi (the teacher) will guide you through choreography that incorporates classic burlesque elements like teasing movements, flirtatious gestures, and graceful transitions. Don't worry if you're new to dance – at myBurlesque we are used to teaching beginners and will break down the steps in an accessible way.


Expect to leave your first class feeling empowered, more confident in your body, and excited to continue exploring this unique art form. Remember to wear comfortable clothing and be open to trying new things! If dressing up is your thing then also feel free to come to class in fishnets and heels. Come comfy or come fabulous - Anything Goes!

Any questions just ask

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